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Professional development of various proportions of aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, ships, tanks, vehicles, land warfare weapons model
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★ In 2008, the company applied for the five model (aircraft) design patent, in January 2010 by the People's Republic of China Intellectual Property Office issued a "design patent certificate."

   ★ 2010, the company for the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group designed 1: 2 Jian Shi fighter sound, light, electric model in the eighth Zhuhai Air Show won the first prize of the model.

    ★ 2011, the company was honored to become Chengdu Wenjiang District national science science education base, the relevant departments awarded the company "national science education base" plaque.

    ★ 2012, the company was honored to become a popular base in Chengdu, Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau, the CPC Chengdu Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chengdu Technology Association awarded the company "Chengdu science base" plaque.

    ★ 2012, the company produced 1: 1 Lenin number, Feng as two all-metal aircraft model to participate in the ninth Zhuhai air show, is now in the China Aviation Museum.

    ★ In 2013, the company applied for the standardization of safety production enterprises, and in December the same year by the Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Safety Production issued by the "safe production of standardized enterprises (machinery) certificate."

    In 2014, the company independently developed two sets of aviation training equipment training system software and apply for software copyright, in August 2015 by the People's Republic of China National Copyright Administration issued a "computer software copyright registration certificate."

    ★ 2016, the company received ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification.