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Professional development of various proportions of aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, ships, tanks, vehicles, land warfare weapons model
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Chengdu YingMing model development Limited
  Is a high simulation of the military model of the design and production of the company, specializing in the development of various proportions of aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, ships, tanks, vehicles, military weapons model; various proportions of mechanical products, technology display, demonstration Model; military sand table, building sand table model; non-metallic mold and glass steel products. The model has been applied to national defense, scientific research, film and television props, theme parks, exhibitions and exhibition halls, commercial publicity, personal collection and other fields.
Ying Ming company is currently China has the strength, with large-scale design of the production of high-simulation military model of the company, the design and production level of the leading domestic. The company will save a large number of complete, research and verification of the world's aviation history of the name of the drawings of the technical documents, successfully produced hundreds of models and tens of thousands of various scale model, dozens of 1: 1 full size Copy the aircraft model. Is a combination of manual and mechanical processing, mold forming process, precision production of various proportions simulation entity model. Its model product design clever, exquisite production, high quality, with a high historical research, academic research, art appreciation, the value of the classic collection.
The company's production model over the years has been the central and national leaders, museums, science and technology museums, military units, research institutes, flight academy, aircraft manufacturing companies, airlines, film and television city, theme parks, exhibition companies and the United States, Japan, Hong Kong and other overseas museums and collectors collection. And by the Central Television, Sichuan TV, Beijing TV, Sina, Sohu and other more than 30 well-known media widely reported.

  Mission: science and technology for the road, people - oriented; mission: do a good job brand, service community, set up enterprises to contribute to the community;
Market concept: intentions to do a good job of products and services, so that all users are assured;
Competition concept: selling products as selling brand;
Business philosophy: to win the trust of users with good quality and laughter, good service repayment of the user's love and support the concept of quality:
Quality is more important than Taishan, service above all else;
Employer concept: dare to learn, dare to reform, dare to practice;
Product image: convenient, practical, scientific. The following are the same as the "
The following are the same as the "
Integrity - the foundation of business success
With our sincerity, sincerity to win the trust of the community, based on heaven and earth. The following are the same as the "
Unity - the guarantee of business success
Temper the good team spirit, work together to progress together. The following are the same as the "
Pragmatic - the foundation of business success
Down-to-earth, practical things, from their own start, with dedication, love reflects the "customer first" business purpose. The following are the same as the "
Dedication - the source of business success
With our youth and talent to create inexhaustible fruit, to achieve "industry serve the country" desire;
In the knowledge growth, in order to improve the same time to obtain generous remuneration.